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At StitchedIn we're creating a new generation of media and consumer experiences.

Because we believe that the consumer is the most important stakeholder, we're building a world of curiosity for millions, one-by-one, every day.

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We share valuable content with millions of engaged readers.

We are brand makers and technologists on a mission to provide meaningful, connected content to every American consumer. We empower users to feed their curiosity and chart their own unique journey of discovery.

We do this by curating experiences at the intersection of brand and technology, delivering utility and delight in tailor-fit-measure for millions of daily visitors at 1:1 scale.

We're just getting started.

The intersection of brand and technology

Exponential growth

30 million annual readers and growing.


Tech and data to reach 80% of U.S. consumers.

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On any given day about half of our readers return for more.

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